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Camping le Mont Grêle : presentation of Lake Aiguebelette

On the outskirts of Camping le Mont Grêle , you will find Lake Aiguebelette, very popular with fsihing lovers and various sports and outdoor leisure activities, in the heart of the Alpine mountains. It is considered to be the most secret of Savoy lakes.

Lake Aiguebelette, the most magical and secret lake in Savoy

Known as the smallest of the four Savoy lakes, it is nestled in the heart of Epine mountain, in the Savoyard Avant Pays, formerly known as Petit-Bugey or Bugey Savoyard. Its green setting and calm waters with varied reflections invite you to precious rejuvenating moments, bathing,swimming, fishing, and further sports and outdoor leisure activities. We will guide you and advise you on the various activities and possible visits around Lake Aiguebelette.

Lake Aiguebelette is nestled in the hollow of the Epine mountain, in the Avant Pays Savoyard
Lake Aiguebelette, the most magical and secret lake in Savoie

"Beautiful little waters"

"Beautiful little waters" is the meaning of the name Aiguebelette.
Indeed, the magnificent emerald green colour of the lake gives it a magical sense of calm and serenity. Lake Aiguebelette is one of the hottest natural lakes in France: in summer the water temperature can be around 28°C.

Calm waters with multiple reflections, green aquatic fauna and flora

Green aquatic fauna and flora of Lake Aiguebelette

Its traditional boathouses, its magical islands,its small houses on stilts...
It reveals itself as the most preserved and secret lake.

Lake Aiguebelette in Savoie and its traditional boathouse

Its beautiful triangular water body embellished with two small islands and its banks have remained very wild. Very popular with fishermen, the lake's exceptional ecosystem and its natural areas ensure the preservation of ecological diversity and water quality. To maintain the purity and beauty of the lake's waters, several protective measures are implemented. Navigation is regulated and boats with combustion engines are prohibited.

The local communities of Aiguebelette-le-Lac, Lépin-Le-Lac, Nances, Novalaise, Saint-Alban-de-Montbel, which border the lake, as well as further villages located in the heights: Ayn, Dullin, Gerbaix, Marcieux and the village of Attignat-Oncin, one of the gates to Chartreuse Natural Park, have managed to keep their original character: many testimonies of rural life, meticulously restored, in a wonderful flowery setting can be found.

Since 2006 Lake Aiguebelette has been part of the Natura 2000 network

Since 2006 the site has been included in Natura 2000 network and has been recognized as type 1 natural zone of ecological, faunistic and floristic interest (ZNIEFF). On 6th March 2015, Lake Aiguebelette became "France's first regional freshwater nature reserve", following its classification as a Regional Nature Reserve for a ten-year period of time.

Lake Aiguebelette is an exceptional place for hang-gliding, with take-off areas on Epine mountain range and a unique landing zone at Marais. For mountain biking or scooter riding, a network of marked trails crosses the area around the lake.

Paragliding activity at Lake Aiguebelette

Many activities await you around Lake Aiguebelette during your stay at the lakeside campsite Mont Grêle.
Enjoy moments of relaxation and peace and take the time to rest on one of the equipped and supervised beaches by Lake Aiguebelette to enjoy swimming: the beach of Lépin le lac on the shores of Lake Aiguebelette, the leisure centre Ô lac de Romagnieu where you can indulge yourself with water games, make the most of the inter-generational sports area, the creek beach where you can rent water sports equipment (stand up paddle, step paddle, pedal boats, kayaks), as well as deckchairs.

Activities around Lake Aiguebelette

Picnic at Lake Aiguebelette
Swimming at Lake Aiguebelette

Le Mont Grêle, the perfect campsite for fishing on Lake Aiguebelette

Excellent fishing spots are waiting for you in diversified environments with a high level of fish diversity: Lake Aiguebelette, the 3rd largest natural lake in France, Lake Romagnieu, a former gravel pit of 15 hectares renowned for carp fishing. A true natural jewel of 545 hectares, Lake Aiguebelette is "an emerald pearl in its green setting". Its calm and pure waters are the kingdom of the lavaret (whitefish) and the arctic char. Lake Aiguebelette offers fishermen a wide variety of fish, including lavaret, arctic char, trout, burbot, pike, perch, carp and many others.
Night fishing is possible on the lake.

Fishing activity on the shores of Lake Aiguebelette